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The Devil Could Wear Prada But Victoria Beckham Wears Hèrmes.

The Legendary Hermès Birkin Bag

The History of The World's Most Coveted Hermès Purse

The Hèrmes Birkin is the Holy Grail of Purses.
It's more than a Bag definetly.
Named after chanteuse Jane Birkin, the inception of the Birkin, in 1984, is the stuff legends are made of, as the truth is still shrouded in myth.

Victoria Beckham owns a mind blowing 100 plus Hermès bags (over $2 million dollars worth) and proudly pairs them with her A-list designer outfits. Top of the list is her 10 Birkins, including her Hermès Ostrich, Crocodile, Rouge, White and Black Clemence Hermès Birkins, and her latest birthday present from husband, David Beckham, an £80,000 Himalayan diamond studded Birkin.
Available para algum de nós? Comuns mortais? 
How to get it?
Generally, the price of a Birkin starts at approximately $5000, but can reach five and sometimes six digits prices, particularly when the bag is constructed from exotic animal skins. Allegedly, the Waiting List for a Hèrmes Birkin Bag is over two years. In practice, however, many stores have a "call list" ad an "order list", both usually consisting of clients who have in one way or another become "regulars" or have formed a relationship with a particular sales associate.
Sim ?
Gosto. Gosto definitivamente. Vá toca a apanhar o próximo voo para Paris. Acabadinha de chegar ao aeroporto de Paris, Charles de Gaulle, apanhar um taxi para 24 Rue Faubourg Saint Honoré. Já consigo sentir de longe o cheiro da principal loja da Hermès em Paris e perder-me em toda sua imensidão.
Como um diamante, uma Birkin é para sempre. Se valia o esforço? 
Who Knows...
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